Tuesday, October 16, 2007

.the fine line between good and excellent.

as i sat last night, in the home of some dear friends, absorbing words of wisdom that go far beyond my years, i took a few nuggets home to chew on today. one of them goes something like this: "if you're always striving for the excellent, you have great potential to miss the good that's sitting right in front of you." i let that sink into my brain last night, slept on it and woke this morning with it in the forefront of my mind. is that my problem? am i always striving for the "right" thing, the "best" thing, the "most excellent" thing when all i really need to do is take the good that's in front of me and run with it - make it right, make it excellent? is it really that easy and i make it that hard?

in the marination of that today, i stepped back to see how much truth that bore on my daily life. usually i would pass up grabbing lunch with friends to "get my work done the best i can" when no one even checks my work. i would push my volleyball team to absolute perfection and intensity instead of letting them stop in the moment and laugh at a funny situation. i would work my tail off to make sure everything was perfectly prepared for work tonight - cookies baked, games planned, kids called, all my ducks in a row, instead of stopping and having a conversation with my roommate's visiting mother.

so today, instead of striving for perfection, i took the good. i had lunch with friends and laughed harder than i have in a long time - i let my girls stop in the middle of practice and have some much needed comic relief - i played guitar hero and chatted with my roommate's mom instead of making sure my life was perfectly in line.

so maybe that's the next step. maybe i strive to make this next transition in my life one of simply taking the good that's in front of me and running with it instead of looking for the perfect, right job that will fit every single one of my needs. abba, help me become that person that i naturally wouldn't choose to be.

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